The Asylum Xperiment is

Ambitious. Impressive. Epic.

Villa Park, IL – The Asylum Xperiment was voted the #1 haunt in the entire state of Illinois for 2012. Haunted Illinois, the top Halloween haunt review site in the state, hailed the attraction as ambitious, impressive and epic. AX was voted as the #1 favorite by visitors, and ranked #1 by the H.I. review team, sweeping both categories in this industry. The Asylum’s rise to the top is attributed to their perpetual evolution; adding new scenes, scares, attractions, and unique special effects, all based upon valuable feedback from visitors, then filtered through the psychotic inner workings of the creator’s minds.


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The Minds behind the Madness

Dave Link is a magical madman. He is a gifted, dreamer who has spent his entire life creating illusions and entertaining people from all walks of life, from corporate America to grass-roots, hard working neighborhood families.

What truly sets him apart from most haunters is his background in the sculpture and design industry. He’s taken the lead on projects with toy industry giants like Mattel and Hasbro, sculpted numerous toys for McDonalds, and in recent times worked with leaders in the gaming industry like Sega, Williams, and IGT. In every case, his work borders on insane attention to detail, meticulous crafting and unique designs that consistently “wow” their audience.

In the latter 90’s, his masterpiece haunt, The Asylum Experience, set the tone for the entire haunted industry, creating a new standard of quality far beyond the typical crank-through, black maze designs, that relied strictly on shock value. His stop n’ show scenes were of Hollywood movie quality, and formed a series of mini vignettes, each with its own story and full animation.

Just when the public thought they were safe, Dave Link returns with another masterpiece of illusion, theater, and special effects...The Asylum Xperiment. This incredible, massive new environment housed at the Odeum in Villa Park, brings back the magic in an all-new, Hollywood movie quality display that is guaranteed to be the most unique haunted experience of a lifetime.

MikeSpike” Mike Skodacek feeds on adrenaline. Couple that with his love of haunts and his ability to make patrons want to crawl out of their skin, and you have nightmare that sticks in your head for a very long time. His style is much more sinister, much more psychological and hard-edged than that of Dave Link. As far as haunted attractions go, they are a match made in Hell. Spike Mike likes to work on the mental aspect of real-life mind games, playing upon fears and phobias and things that might actually happen to you.

Mike has over 10 years in the haunted industry as a designer and creator of haunts. In addition, one of his passions is being involved within the haunt as an actor, and has won several Actor of the Year awards along the way. His mechanical ability goes well beyond the graveyard, spending the past 8 years on the demolition derby circuit. In this professional pursuit, he doesn’t simply take a beater car and smash it to pieces. He designs and custom builds these raucous machines with uniquely modified chassis and drive trains as a work of art, an uncanny parallel to his work within the haunted industry. His ability to bring your adrenaline from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye is second to none. One thing for sure about Spike Mike is once he gets in your head he tends to stay there…

For more than a decade The Odeum Sports & Expo Center, located at 1033 N. Villa Avenue in Villa Park, IL was host to a haunted house that was second to none in the Chicago region. In 2012, the Odeum will unveil the most impressive undertaking to date, a masterpiece of illusion, theater, and special effects...The Asylum Xperiment. This is the perfect match of talent and a facility with a rich haunted house tradition, to once again become the premier haunt in all of the Chicagoland area. With over 45,000 square feet, this massive new environment takes the Odeum to an entirely new level of entertainment with a Hollywood movie quality display that is guaranteed to be the most unique haunted experience of a lifetime.